General Information

Most of the detailed information related with the competition, rules, Portuguese Laws, payment and other related information are in this page.

Competition Location

For more information about the Jamor area (click here).

Championship Awards

The 2016 Field Target Championship will decide and award the following:


Image of a Sidewheel Golden Medal

Pre-charged Category

World Champion and 2nd to 10th, 1st Lady, 1st Veteran, 1st Junior and 1st to 3rd Teams. (According WFTF rules)

Note: Additionally and as a courtesy we will be adding medals to 2nd and 3th places to Veteran, Ladies, and Junior.

Spring/Piston Category

World Champion and 2nd to 10th, 1st Lady, 1st Veteran, 1st Junior and 1st to 3rd Teams. (According WFTF rules)

Note: Additionally and as a courtesy we will be adding medals to 2nd and 3th places to Veteran, Ladies, and Junior.

Pairs Category (NEW)

Join a friend and make a team. You can even participate in more than 1 different team (ex. PCP Pair + Mix Gender PCP Pair)

PCP Pair: 1st , 2nd, 3rd places.
SPRINGER Pair: 1st , 2nd, 3rd places.
MIX Class (1PCP + 1Springer): 1st , 2nd, 3rd places.
MIX Gender PCP Pair(1PCP Men+ 1PCP Women): 1st , 2nd, 3rd places.
MIX Gender Springer Pair(1PCP Men+ 1PCP Women): 1st , 2nd, 3rd places.

Note: Pairs competition authorized by the RGB Members.

Pair Rules:
1. The pair team can be constituted by shooters of two nationalities.
2. The pair cannot be changed after starting the Championship.
3. The total Sum of hits of both shooters will be considered for the final result.

Competition Rules

WFTC 2016 will be held according to the World Field Target Federation Shooting Rules so for any detailed information please ckeck WFTF website (click here).
If you need additional clarification please contact us by email. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Shooting range will be divided into 3 courses - yellow, black and red. The 3 courses will be mounted continuously/sequentially using 400 meters. Every course will contain 25 lines with 2 targets.

The target colors will be:



The Plan is to have 2 distinct Zero range areas that will be used to support all competition.

Since Portugal has around 12 hours of sunlight in August, the competition will be separated in 2 sessions during the day (Between Springer and PCP) . This will allow to have people doing different things simultaneously for example a group of people competing while others are in the zeroing area.

A check point will be established to inspect bullet speed and height of seating pillow. Every check will be marked with a sticker. Emergency medical service will be available during shooting hours. Potable water, compressed air, toilets and all required equipment will be provided as well.

Courses sequence

WFTC 2016 organization will be applying the best practices for the sport making the courses sequential and alternated to make sure all shooters will have the same type of wind through the competition no matter the section they are shooting.

This procedure will prevent to have a group of shooters benefiting the fact of being more protected by the wind in a certain section of the course in one specific day.



Registration - Rifle and Accessories check-up

In order to minimize competition incidents the process of registration will also include the check-up of your air-rifle, including rifle accessories, bean bag and pellet speed validation by a Deputy Marshal. This is a mandatory check up before entering in competition.

The usual check-up during the competition will continue to exists.

Important : To avoid long waiting periods for the registration and rifle check-up, a scheduling period will be determined for each RGB. (click here to have more detail.).
If you miss the scheduling period for your country, it will be possible to make the rifle check-up in the afternoon of Wednesday, 17 August 2016 .

Recommendation: avoid this period if you don't like to wait.

Air Suply and Polystyrene (For bean bags)

Unlimited air supply will be provided and polystyrene for your bean bag will also be available (polystyrene on demand).


Score Card



Grouping Top Shooters in the same course

The tops shooters will be identified and grouped together in order to shoot the same targets on the same day.
The main group of each class, will have 75 shooters. Each shooter (from the 75) will be select based on the international results available at the WFTF website and according the following rules:



Based on the inscriptions, it will be the responsibility of each RGB to select 1 shooter for rule 2, and another for rule 5. Bear in mind that the selection will stop as soon as 75 shooters are identified.

Note: This procedures were applied successfully in WFTC 2015

Disabled Shooters (Medical Conditions)

According to the WFTF Comprehensive rules Competitors that cannot, for whatever physical or medical reason, comply with a particular shooting position, shall inform the Chief Marshal before commencement of a match, and obtain permission to use an alternative position or aid, providing that no unfair advantage is gained.

Based on the WFTF constitution the following rules shall be applied:


Alternative to free shooting Position => Kneeling or Standing
Alternative to Kneeling Position => Standing
Alternative to Standing Position => not available (2 missed targets)



On the registration day a credential will be provided by the organization with your shooter Identification in the front (Name, Shooter ID, country) and the Championship program on the back. On the same moment, a rifle sticker with your Shooter Number identification (Shooter id) will also be provided. Both identifications are mandatory during the Championship.



Marshalling Course

It's planned to have the 1st WFTF Marshalling FT Course on the 16th August 2016 (morning). This course has the objective to start preparing Marshals from all countries so they act the same way no matter the country, no matter the competition. It’s the beginning of the global standardization in this critical area. For that reason this is a highly recommend course. Each RGB or someone on their behalf should participate. (Oral and written English skills required)

The course will be held in a training room by the WFTF Marshalling Committee team (Number of inscriptions - Max. 30).
Inscription list - click here.




Law in Portugal

According to the Portuguese law any rifle under 24joules of energy is free to circulate in the country. Since we are competing with powers under 16Joules (12 ft/lbs), there will be no problem to enter in Portugal including the airport with your air rifle.

However there are some procedures and restrictions according the Portuguese Laws we all need to follow:

- Invoice or document: The only document the Police may request is the invoice of the rifle with the air rifle number, brand, model, caliber and power (<24j). In order to minimize any issues meetings with the local Police will take place and an invitation will be sent to you. But if you have the invoive, please bring with you. If you have any issues please contact us for clarification.

- Trigger locks: According to the Portuguese law even if you transport your rifle in a Peli Case (locked) you need a Trigger Lock when transporting the air rifle.
For those arriving by plane please take special attention to this matter.



- Silencers: are considered as a criminal offence. Don't bring these kind of accessories into Portugal.



- Muzzles are allowed.

Arriving to the International Lisbon Airport

If you are planning to travel by plane you'll probably arriving into the International Lisbon Airport. If that is the case, you will be picking up your luggage (cloths, etc...) from the normal belts and if everything goes as it should be (we have never had any problems) your rifles will be waiting with the local Police.

Go to the "Goods to Declare" just before leaving the airport and ask the Police if your rifles are already in their possession.

Typically the rifles cases takes longer to arrive than your luggage so it's quite common to wait for 15 mins for the rifles.

While you are waiting for your rifes near the police, if you have someone with you, make sure someone will check BELT 13 for your rifle cases (Out of format luggage belt). It's been reported once in the past that the airport services send the air rifles to that Belt. They shouldn't do this but just in case check.

Once the rifles arrive, the police will request your identification and the rifle invoice (check Law in Portugal in this page for more information). The Police will also request to open the rifle cases to check Caliber, Rifle number, trigger lock, brand, model and power described in the invoice).

If you need any additional information do not hesitate to contact us.




Living costs in Portugal


The expected usual price for a meal will be between 10-15€ but it's possible to do it a bit cheaper. The Lisbon city has several shopping malls open from 10 A.M. till 24.00 P.M. There you can easily buy a meal between 5€-10€ (person) having different food options.

If you decide to go to restaurants near touristy places the expected meal price will be between 15-20€ (person). As an example going to the "Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon" will cost you around 20€/person.

A Mac Donald's BIG Mac will cost you around 6€. A coffee 1€. A beer between 0,80€ to 1,5€ (depends on the places).



The Lisbon city have several options to provide but a good value for the money hotel will be in a price range between 50€-70€ for 2 people including breakfast.

In order to provide you the best and easiest inscription experience ever and at the same time a good value for the money, while making your inscription the WFTC2016 Team will also be accepting hotel reservations on your behalf. This type of request will be only available for selected hotels and till the 20th January 2016. After this date (20th January) the hotel reservations must be made by contacting the hotels directly.

For more information go to "Accommodations" page

TAXI fairs

The basic tariff (just to sit inside the Taxi) is 3,25€ (prices 2015).
For each kilometre you will be paying 0,55€ (Prices 2015).
The distance between the International Lisbon Airport and the Shooting range is around 18 kms. So total Taxi fair should be around 18€ + luggage transportation.
You may estimate what you are going to pay using the TAXI simulator (click here)



Keep your rifle safe while visiting the Country

The Portuguese Shooting Federation has a Safe Vault with an alarm system and 24h/day security to keep your rifle well guarded (max.40 rifle cases).
Ask for quotation.



Forms of Payment

Your inscription payment can be by:

- Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer)
- Paypal



Important: Before making a payment a personal CODE will be provided by the organization. This code must be in the description payment so we can identify who is paying.

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