Important: Before starting filling your registration take 5 minutes to read the instructions and details provided to help you. During the registration phase, you will pass through some fields that have some logic behind it that it's important you to understand.      

Before entering the "Captcha code" read carefully the instructions.




If you decide to pay using PayPal please select "sending money to family and friends". So there are no charges.

IMPORTANT: Any charges made by the PayPal or Banks we will pass them to the competitor.


1-Individual Inscriptions
2-Each RGB Team can Login in the system and Select the team members
3-Contact will be made by the WFTC Team with payment instructions
4-The Inscription is confirmed as soon payment is received
5-Contact by the WFTC Team about the Pair Competition

Registration Fields

First Name: Fill with your first name (equal to your identification card)
Last Name: Fill with your first name (equal to your identification card)
ID Type: Select the type of identification (id card or passport)
ID: Fill with the identification number (id card or passport)
RGB Country: Select your country correctly.
This is an important field since you cannot be selected to the Team Competition by your RGB if you select the wrong country.
The RGB login account will only be able to select/see people from the same Country.

Email: Fill the field with your email. As soon the registration is complete (saved), you will receive an email back with user and Password to Login in your account to validate or make changes. You will also receive the Total Amount and Payment Code. This code should be provided when making the payment (observation field during the bank transfer or Paypal payment)

Birthdate: Fill with your birthdate
Gender: Fill with your gender (Male, Female)
Category: Fill with your category (PCP / SPRINGER)
Description: Fill a comment if you want your Registration to be paid/followed/controlled by your RGB.
Class: Fill with your class.
• Junior (not yet 17 on 1st of January)
• Senior Ladies
• Senior Men
• Veteran (60 years or older on 1st of January)

    Note: Juniors and veterans will need to present a identification document stating their Birthdate. Anyone, failing this validation will be participating in seniors class.



Hotel Room reservation

We have the pleasure to inform you the WFTC2016 Team have an agreement with Holiday Inn Express HOTEL (see accommodation page for more details) where we have booked all rooms to have a better price. So if a competitor selects in the inscriptions page the HOTEL Room service, the WFTC2016 Team will be managing the Hotel reservation for you. This also means the WFTC2016 Team will be charging the hotel to the competitor at the same moment of the inscription.

Important: The special price that WFTC 2016 team was able to get is based on a time frame agreement (till the end of the year). This means, after that date if we don't occupied/pay a room WFTC 2016 team will stop managing the hotel rooms for you and the price will increase immediately.

Daily Lunch

The WFTC 2016 team have reach an agreement with the Jamor Sports Cafeteria to provide us daily lunch meals at a reasonable prices. The Cafeteria is about 10 mins. walking distance from the shooting range (350 meters).

The MENU includes: (soap, main dish (meat or fish), salads, drinks (non-alcoholic), desert or fruit)

Important: : It is important to say there are other eating options in the area without using a car. Since the Championship will have 2 sessions it is expected to have lunch periods in the cafeteria between 12:00h and 15:00h

Example of menus requested (not confirmed yet)


Bus Service (From Hotel to Shooting range)

In order to reduce your expenses, we have the possibility of renting a Mini-Bus (35 people) and make regular travels during the day from the Hotel to the Shooting range and vice-versa.

The daily rate to rent a mini-bus is 350€ (this value includes renting the BUS, Driver and Gas.)

This means if we have 35 people interested the daily price will be 10€ for this service making a total of 50€ for 5 days.

During the first phase of the inscription, we will be collecting all people interested in this service. If we reach the magic number of 35 people we will be contacting you again about this matter. To show your interest about this service mark the "Quantity=1"